Thursday, May 17, 2012

today was a free day,  so we went to the park for the morning,  very relaxing.   as you can see they drive scooters on the sidewalk,  so its some chaos to walk anywhere

    we felt very chinese today when we walked in front of a bus and hoped it wouldn't hit us 

in the park was a small kids amusement area,  i am assuming this is Jun's first carousel ride,  she loved it and was very unhappy when we pulled her off after easily 10-15min.   apparently you pay to ride but never have to get off,   so it slows down to let you on or off but doesn't stop unless everyone gets off.  so paul just kept going and going :-)   the girls were in heaven  

  this little guy was laughing at us b lowing bubbles and popping them,   i got him on video below
   woman doing Tai Chi?  in the park  

   i hope this video works ,   he just laughed and laughed at the bubbles


  1. I love the never stops story of Paul on the carousel. Cute! Keistrel and Jun smiles are priceless. The video of the laughing little boy worked fine. Remember to have someone else take pictures of YOU! We have to have you in some of the pictures. Sure do miss yall! Can't wait to see all of you! Much Love, Prayer, Blessings & Hugs coming your way.

  2. a lot of hugs, kisses & prayers coming your way........looks like a good day to just kick back and relax for awhile. Hang in there & keep the faith - He's doing wonders!

  3. And, the video worked Great - let's see more of you all.........