Thursday, May 17, 2012

another free day,  we get Jun's passport today,   then fly to our last stop tommorrow,  Guangzhou.  that is where the US consulate is .    so we hit the park again. 

 wow our "herd" keeps growing :-)     

 there was a wedding in the park,  it was tiny and beautiful!! 

this group of 10yr olds were celebrating a birthday ,   they were so excited to practice their english with paul and eric.   i don't know who was having more fun,  the kids or the men 


  1. Good morning here from RI ....Love the journal...Love the photo's...glad to see you in them finally Jodi. The kids seem to be having a wonderful experience. So much color all around you. Love you, Mom

  2. I love that herd! Come home soon....8 more days right? Wahoo!
    Beautiful pictures! Beautiful family! (love the wedding) Who's Eric?

    1. eric is one of the dad's in our group

  3. I know your head is far from the US of A (maybe & maybe not)however, I have to tell you - just watched the Preakness and we have a Triple Crown contender - 'I'll Have Another' won it by a head! Beat out Bodimeister! Knew you would want to know - bringing some "Americana" your way!!! We miss you all and are getting anxious to get you all back home!! AND, meet Jun!!