Monday, May 21, 2012

this is daniel who totally thinks gage is his new big brother,  

we went out to dinner as a group one night,  this restaurant was recommended and when the food came we all were pretty grossed out.   this was a whole chicken,  feet, head  all included   daniel above couldn't get enough of it.   we all ate as little as possible,  paid and went to pizza hut and had a pizza party in the hotel hallway.  

this is will,.  we have fallen in love with his family,   3 teenagers and a 4yr old.   great kids!! 

our guides waiting for us in airport at GZ 

megan is will's sister

                                                michelle, megan and new sister Dong Wei.
  it was  so   neat to see the other families kids on the first day,  i saw dong wei with tears in her eyes and totally reserved. every day i see more and more smiles.   to see the kids come out of their shells and open up to their parents AND the rest of us in the group is amazing.  they blossom right before your eyes.  I can't believe today we've had Jun one week!!!   i feel like after you have a baby and they are one week old already,  where does the time go!!! 

this is daniel and his friend.  they came from the same orphanage and are very close,  always hugging and looking for each other. 

Today, Monday the 21st, we all left at 10am to go to the Visa medical check up. Here we are in the waiting room to go through the 3 stations we need to do. The ENT station, weight and measurement and temp station, and then the general check with the doctor. This is also where they review any medical forms we have brought along from the orphanage, hospital, foster homes etc...

great ending to this page :-)   haha,   While at the park on Friday,a friend lisa caught this!   a  little one wearing  split pants. Just as she   took the picture, she bent over! You see babies/toddlers all over wearing these types of pants, rather than diapers. They basically go to the bathroom where ever!


  1. What fabulous stories and great memories! Very touching - I love the first one with Gage, so sweet! Have really enjoyed this blog - so important to keep us informed and involved. Thanks, Jodi - I know it takes time and effort but we love it! Love,

  2. LOL that chicken reminds me of The Christmas Story when they go to have duck at the only Chinese restaurant open at Christmas and the waiters come out and chop the head off because they were too grossed out and laughing.

    I have enjoyed the blog too, looking every day for a post, gonna have withdrawals when you get back.