Friday, May 25, 2012

Group photo!!!   11 amazing families we had the blessing to get to know!!!!  

Madi is kestrel's little friend,   we are excited she lives in houston,  hope to see her again. 

                                          world's 2nd highest tower? 

                               went to safari park today!   awesome place,   he is above us hanging in a tree over the walking path  

baby tigers in an incubator  awwww  

the kids loved feeding the giraffes

i couldn't believe Jun had NO fear!!!    i've been so worried she'd be terrified of our animals.   should have known,   i think she's going to love them

kestrel was so excited to find ponies,  especially the one that looks like pixie

YES he is sleeping on ice!  

fun shuttle ride thru the safari,  got us up close to lots of the animals

yes they let animals on the shuttle :-) 


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  1. Wow, Jodi!!! You got some amazing pics!! I can't wait to meet jun and hangout with your family again! Love zehra vollmer :)